Run Faster With Contrast Training

There are many links in the chain of developing speed. But the links aren’t equal as some are absolutely essential and others are just helpful. Perhaps the most essential link in the chain of speed is that you’ve got to … Continue reading

Breakfast of Champions

Any athlete who rushes out the door with just a banana or a Kellogg’s Breakfast Bar is asking for punishment. A big breakfast, comfortably eaten with an hour or so to digest is absolutely essential for success in sports. It … Continue reading

Meat Eating Machine

The human brain is made from long spidery neurons that are mostly made from fat. These neurons communicate with one another by the proteins inside us. Like a car battery, the individual compartments of the brain need a liquid medium … Continue reading

Whey Protein

In the cheese making process, there is a waste product that can do wonders for you. Whey is a power packed nutrient that has fed children for centuries, enough that it is part of nursery rhymes. Since the cheese making … Continue reading

Single Leg Weight Training

You can improve your speed with one small change in your weight training routine. Much of what you do now can be improved by just changing the position of your feet. Even if you start your lift with feet shoulder … Continue reading

Weight to Force

The core principle of speed is a mathematic formula. Call it the big engine, small car principle. In 2003 there was a definitive work published on speed by Harvard University researcher, Dr. Peter Weyand. The study confirmed that the key … Continue reading