Springs in the Foot

The foot is the only mechanism for the human body to transfer strength into speed. Every ounce of strength you have for sprinting is put into the ground by the complex human spring system that we refer to as the … Continue reading

The Right Angles For Speed

  Learn the correct angles to place your body and you can run really fast. The correct angles put you into position to deliver optimum force at just the right time. Once the angles are optimal, it is the timing … Continue reading

The 5 Must-Do Lifts for Speed

Our old friend Isaac Newton wrote that the amount of acceleration of a body is a direct result of the force put to the ground. No matter what Newton wrote, experience teaches that force – strength gained in the weightroom … Continue reading

Exploding to Elite Baseball

Jordan Quarton of Curacao explodes to 6.42 in the 60 Caribbean players are changing the game of baseball. Of all the terms to describe their unique brand of baseball, the most common term is explosion. The way they train and the way they … Continue reading

Caribbean Baseball Invasion

The fact that Caribbeans play a more passionate game than their American competitors is yesterday’s news. Why else does the MLB all-star team have over 40% of the players from the Caribbean? There are a dozen powerhouse baseball nations with … Continue reading

Omega-3: Magic Fat for Speed

                    Who would have thought that the right fatty food could do so much for speed power athletes? With all the powders, pills, ‘sport drinks’, energy bars, and even Jell-O cubes, … Continue reading