Athlete Training

Speed training with Coach Randy Smythe is by far the fastest road to success and the safest. You’ll use many great training tools that make training fun. Emphasis is placed upon rehearsing and refining skills of speed and power. Coach Randy conducts his training sessions from 60 minutes to 120 minutes, depending upon prior arrangements. You can have sessions one-to-one or in small groups (up to 6 people). The overall theme is body control, and low emphasis is put on cardiovascular development.

Youth Training is designed to implement sport strength and ingrain body control while developing speed. Emphasis is on teaching correct habits. The body is taught to deliver maximum force while the brain is taught to trigger muscles faster. Athletes are all taught sport nutrition and mental training.

College/Pro Training

Coach Randy has a steady stream of top athletes who speed train with him. Their program is designed to develop peak performance as they realize their complete potential as an athlete. Planned performance timelines are mutually drawn up with the athlete and often with the team coach’s input. Speed training is planned to produce the fastest possible measurable running just before spring training, pre-season camp, or tryouts. Because maximum output is the training objective, extreme emphasis is placed on recovery and injury prevention. Much emphasis is placed on sport nutrition.

Evaluation and Assessment

Get a thorough snapshot of where you are by a world class set of eyes. Coach Randy will time you, analyze your sprint, test you, and help you find out where you are. Includes electronic timing, jump testing, a battery of strength and explosive tests, and analysis of your age/skill level competitive database.

Contact us for prices and more information call me (954) 734-0394.  When traveling, we have arrangements with a couple local hotels.