About Randy

Coach Randy Smythe is world renowned as a speed coach, considered the founder of movement training in sports. In the 1960’s as an athlete at the University of California, he set two school records and was twice in the NCAA Championships. After graduating, he ran 10.4 in the 100 meters on his way to earning a masters degree in exercise science. With science as a guide, his training and nutrition programs have won international fame.

His four decades of speed coaching have spanned the globe. He has trained many of the greatest stars in sports, including Emmitt Smith, Bryan Ulacher, Paul Molitor, World boxing champion Michael Morrer, Grand Slam tennis champion Petyr Korda and more.

Coach Randy Smythe is the former speed coach of the Dallas Cowboys, the Chicago Bears, and the Milwaukee Brewers. He was the founding Director of Fitness at the International Performance Institute in Bradenton, Florida. He has instructed speed for the top soccer teams in the world, including the national soccer team from Colombia, the Boca Juniors in Argentina, the Portuguesa in Brazil, and FC Zurich in Switzerland.

He has consulted with and worked on the field coaching Olympic teams in four different nations. He has lectured and instructed in 24 nations and produced training instruction videos in English, Spanish, and Japanese. His prolific writing includes 11 published books, dozens of magazine articles, and he is the former editor of two national sport conditioning journals.

As the founder of Speed City, Inc., Randy provided many of his inventions for speed development, including the ever popular agility ladder and plastic mini-hurdles. He was the first American coach to establish plyometric training with his book, Plyometrics, an Illustrated Guide, published in 1984. His 2007 book, BaseballSpeed Training is widely considered to be the bible of speed training for the sport. And with his most recent book, The Speed/Power Diet, his expertise in sport nutrition has become internationally recognized.

Over the years, Coach Randy Smythe has worked on product development with Nike, Adidas, Hammer, and many other sports companies. Today he continues to train a variety of athletes and adults in Pembroke Pines, Florida.